Feel The vibration: Align your chakras and balance your endocrine system with Renata

10/21/2017 - 11:30-1:30pm - Suggested Donation $25

Disturbances in the subtle energy of the body can manifest in physical symptoms. Balancing the chakras can create a harmonic flow of energy throughout our bodies, this can allow our glands to work together in a more efficient way. This workshop incorporates movement and sound that will awaken, vibrate, align and balance your endocrine system. Restore the power of your chakras and take back control of your health and wellness by learning to work with your own energy. This lecture will be lecture and practice combined.

 We accept cash donations or donate directly to:

Kids yoga fall session with jill

9/10-10/29/2017 - Sundays 9:30-10:30am - Fee $8

Come to Sunday morning yoga hour and let your children play in our dynamic Kid's Yoga class. Students practice poses, balance, and compassion through imaginative play, storytime, coloring, music, and song. Preschool-2nd grade curriculum. Ages 3-8 but is flexible based on your older child's interest or your younger child's capability. No bathroom assistance provided.