kids yoga 6 week pilot session with jill

Every Sunday 9/18-10/23/2016  I  9:30-10:30am  I  Fee: $8

Come to Sunday morning yoga hour and let your children play in our dynamic Kid's Yoga class. Students practice poses, balance, and compassion through imaginative play, storytime, coloring, music, and song. Preschool-2nd grade curriculum. Ages 3-8 but is flexible based on your older child's interest or your younger child's capability. No bathroom assistance provided.

Roll and Release: foam roller workshop

with Tara  I  September 24th  I  9:00-10:00am  I  Fee: $15

The foam roller provides myofascial release. Myofascial tissue is a sinewy membrane which surrounds our muscles. This can become stiff over time and with exercise. The foam roller is a great tool for massaging this tissue allowing you to more easily lengthen and elongate muscles. Foam rolling will start the class, followed by simple, dynamic and effective stretches. This is an excellent class for athletes, people who feel stiff or anyone looking for deep muscle release. Please bring your own roller if you have one. This workshop is appropriate for all level students.

weekend at the wall with Jill

10/14/16 - 6:00-7:30  I  10/15/16 - 1:00-2:30pm   I  10/16/16 - 1:00-2:30pm     Fee: $90 for the full weekend

Come play and enhance your practice with this three-part series at the Wall. As the ropes support the entire body weight, enjoy ease of breath and safe exploration into the alignment and depth of each pose. This class takes place over three one and half hour workshops Friday-Sunday. Friday night opens the series with a well-rounded practice. Saturday will focus on stretch and length in standing and balancing poses leading into a fun finale Sunday exploring inversions. Class size is limited to 7 students to allow for maximum space at the wall.