Turn your world upside down - Inversions workshop 1 - with Heather

July 9th 2016 I   1:30-3:00pm   I   Fee: $20  

Are you brand new to inversions? Are you stuck at the wall? Do you have neck and/or shoulder pain post inversions? Come and experience a whole new world of possibilities that inversions done with proper alignment principles can bring to the body and mind. Though this workshop you will learn to take the first steps towards practicing headstands, handstands, and pinch mayurasana or you will learn how to refine those you already practice. Most of all you will experience the invigorating and empowering experience of being upside down.




wall workshop - with heather

July 17th, 2016   I  11:00am-12:30pm   I   Fee: $25

Get off the mat and experience the non-weight bearing bliss of the yoga rope wall. During this workshop we will playfully approach our practice using the wall to assist in lengthening the spine, relieving compression, and providing resistance that will help us deepen our postures. Class size will be limited to 8 people so pre-registration is required.