August Spotlight

I am able to get our August student spotlight in just under the wire, Allison Duncan is a positive influence both on the mat and off, she's active and kind, smart, with a smile that lights up the lobby. She has been a dedicated student at Inner Bodyworks for quite some time and through this process I was able to learn a few things about her that I didn't know. 


Alli with her niece Keira

Alli with her niece Keira

Growing up as a dancer, I was fortunate enough to learn awareness of my body, flexibility, and control. The most beautiful dancers in the world have the strongest and yet most limber bodies. It is this combination that follows me into my yoga practice, where the body learns to become rooted and strong, therein providing space to grow upward and lengthen. 

I began attending yoga at Inner Bodyworks in 2009, and I never stopped. I love the space for its quiet, its playful class environment, and the familiar faces. The biggest reason I attend classes at Inner Bodyworks is the level of instruction. There is a depth to the teachers and their methods that makes each class worth coming to. I continue to learn from them on a weekly basis, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity in Bakersfield.

As I balance a sometimes busy schedule between working in Development at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, serving on the board of the Kern Dance Alliance, teaching piano lessons, and spending quality time with friends and family, I have learned that a strong yoga practice is essential to my physical and mental happiness. Never have I regretted attending a class, even those in the early mornings of Winter. Schedule your appointments around your yoga and watch how your practice improves. You will learn, like me, that through steady, mindful breathing you can maintain a calmness through almost anything... On and off your mat.

July Spotlight

Our students come from all walks of life, different backgrounds, passions, life philosophies, and unique personalities, David Bell is the kind of student that every instructor looks forward to having in their class. David is energetic, adventurous and has a never say never spirit, this is apparent through conversation with him, his practice, and his beautiful photography, I could go on but David has graciously agreed to tell us a little about himself.


When not managing a small almond farm in Shafter, where I grew up; I have a commercial photography business and several years ago I was going sea kayaking in Icy Bay Alaska for a week for stock images. Six months before, I started to attend yoga classes at Innerbody Works at its previous location and under previous ownership. I wanted more flexibility to turn my body while sitting in my kayak. Two evenings a week, I did Ashtanga Yoga and I was able to increase twisting my body around to easily rotate 180 degrees. Unfortunately after my trip, I stopped going because of lack of time and basic laziness.

Around 3 years ago, I started to develop back issues and noticed a class at Innerbody Works starting for six weeks with Kira that focused on just aching backs. After that first class, I remembered how I enjoyed yoga and the many health benefits yoga produces in the body. Being a long term meditator for mental health; I needed balance of mind and body. I met Heather and now practice couple times or so a week. I also work out twice a week with a trainer for muscle strength and try to attend Heather's core class when I'm in town.

I hike and kayak around the world in many different environments from high altitudes of the Himalayas to the icy water of Antartica and most places in between. Yoga definitely is a major factor in my ability to work better mentally and physically at 16,000 feet when it's cold and I'm warm in my tent and sleeping bag. It takes much less effort to get up and create beautiful images that I enjoy and other people seem to enjoy.

As I get older and health issues crop up time to time, I have found that yoga combined with strength training and cardio workouts and meditation helps everyday with stress and creates a positive mental attitude; which I believe is a key to happiness. Not to be overlooked; is the warm and friendly atmosphere that Inner Bodyworks promotes. Egos are checked at the door and I see so many different levels of yoga and abilities in every class that works harmoniously. It's a tribute to the ownership, staff and highly trained instructors at Inner Bodyworks. It's a place of warmth and integrity and friendship that I look forward to every class. Yes, even Heather's core class. And it did take me a year and a half to get into a headstand without help. 

*I asked David to send some of his photography to share with all of you, his response: "I included more images than you probably want. I don't expect you to use them all. I can't pick and choose." Honestly, I couldn't pick and choose either so I've included them all below.


Student Spotlight

Over the years many students have walked through our doors, we consider our students more than just clientele, but friends, family, inspiration. There are those students around us that are almost always there, Inner Bodyworks fixtures if you will, you many not know their name but you know who they are. I would like to take the opportunity and this forum to highlight some special students at our studio. I really could think of no better student to begin with than Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein. You may not know her personally but I'm sure you've seen her in the practice room since she attends classes almost 5 days a week every week and has done so since the early years of Inner Bodyworks. I asked Cheryl to tell us a little about herself so we all have the opportunity to get to know one of our most dedicated students.

Eleven years ago, a dear friend invited me and some other friends to a yoga retreat in the Santa Barbara foothills to celebrate her birthday – and then presented me with a gift card to Inner BodyWorks for my own birthday.  And so it began.

A longtime gym rat, I began attending Gentle Flow classes once a week.  Then twice a week. Then three times.  By the time the Friday morning class transformed into an advanced class for teachers, I was so wedded to my practice that I continued to show up, even though many of those asanas are still beyond me.

Now I am at the studio three to five mornings a week.  When I can’t get there, I practice at home.  My yoga mat lives in my car and travels with me.  There are still many poses that are beyond this body’s capacity, but that is why it’s called a practice.

Professionally, I am the rabbi of the Reform Jewish synagogue.  Yoga has made me a better rabbi, a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend, and a better person.  I am more present and more flexible (inside, if not always outside).  I am more patient and more balanced.

Yoga is not merely a workout for the body; it is good for the mind and the soul.  I recommend it to everyone.


Restorative Therapeutics with Katherine Tonight- Hips

One time or another injury will occur in the body. It can be a very frustrating, long process to recovery. In this class you will learn about range of motion of each joint, common injuries and how to bolster, strengthen and use yoga as a part of your recovery. This can be a one time drop in class if you want to learn some tools to help you in your regular routine or it can be attended week after week. Sequencing is restorative in nature with a specific focus each week.  

Tonight's Focus - Hips