Student Spotlight

Over the years many students have walked through our doors, we consider our students more than just clientele, but friends, family, inspiration. There are those students around us that are almost always there, Inner Bodyworks fixtures if you will, you many not know their name but you know who they are. I would like to take the opportunity and this forum to highlight some special students at our studio. I really could think of no better student to begin with than Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein. You may not know her personally but I'm sure you've seen her in the practice room since she attends classes almost 5 days a week every week and has done so since the early years of Inner Bodyworks. I asked Cheryl to tell us a little about herself so we all have the opportunity to get to know one of our most dedicated students.

Eleven years ago, a dear friend invited me and some other friends to a yoga retreat in the Santa Barbara foothills to celebrate her birthday – and then presented me with a gift card to Inner BodyWorks for my own birthday.  And so it began.

A longtime gym rat, I began attending Gentle Flow classes once a week.  Then twice a week. Then three times.  By the time the Friday morning class transformed into an advanced class for teachers, I was so wedded to my practice that I continued to show up, even though many of those asanas are still beyond me.

Now I am at the studio three to five mornings a week.  When I can’t get there, I practice at home.  My yoga mat lives in my car and travels with me.  There are still many poses that are beyond this body’s capacity, but that is why it’s called a practice.

Professionally, I am the rabbi of the Reform Jewish synagogue.  Yoga has made me a better rabbi, a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend, and a better person.  I am more present and more flexible (inside, if not always outside).  I am more patient and more balanced.

Yoga is not merely a workout for the body; it is good for the mind and the soul.  I recommend it to everyone.