August Spotlight

I am able to get our August student spotlight in just under the wire, Allison Duncan is a positive influence both on the mat and off, she's active and kind, smart, with a smile that lights up the lobby. She has been a dedicated student at Inner Bodyworks for quite some time and through this process I was able to learn a few things about her that I didn't know. 


Alli with her niece Keira

Alli with her niece Keira

Growing up as a dancer, I was fortunate enough to learn awareness of my body, flexibility, and control. The most beautiful dancers in the world have the strongest and yet most limber bodies. It is this combination that follows me into my yoga practice, where the body learns to become rooted and strong, therein providing space to grow upward and lengthen. 

I began attending yoga at Inner Bodyworks in 2009, and I never stopped. I love the space for its quiet, its playful class environment, and the familiar faces. The biggest reason I attend classes at Inner Bodyworks is the level of instruction. There is a depth to the teachers and their methods that makes each class worth coming to. I continue to learn from them on a weekly basis, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity in Bakersfield.

As I balance a sometimes busy schedule between working in Development at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, serving on the board of the Kern Dance Alliance, teaching piano lessons, and spending quality time with friends and family, I have learned that a strong yoga practice is essential to my physical and mental happiness. Never have I regretted attending a class, even those in the early mornings of Winter. Schedule your appointments around your yoga and watch how your practice improves. You will learn, like me, that through steady, mindful breathing you can maintain a calmness through almost anything... On and off your mat.