Belly Dancing and Women's Connections Workshop

With Tiger Lily

July 21st, 2018 @ 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Come join us at Inner Body Works for a special women's event on Saturday July 21st! Tiger Lily will be leading this workshop in belly dance and women's connection. In this two hour workshop we will be discussing the divine feminine and how to connect with it within you through belly dance. When we connect to and embrace the beautifully divine feminine within us we are able to glow from within as well as connect better with other women in a deep and meaningful way. Belly Dance is an innately feminine dance form as it's movements honor and support women. It stretches, tones, challenges, and celebrates the body. Tiger Lily will discuss her journey to belly dance, how it guided her to her divine feminine power, how it helped her become more confident in her body as well as how it helped her create connections with women in a way she had never experienced before. Through this she will share with you ways that you can do the same. After the discussion we will move on to moving! Tiger Lily will teach some basic belly dance moves getting everyone dancing and feeling good. Wear comfy clothes, bring some water and come ready to connect with yourself in a new way as we shimmy the night away!